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DSP & DZmedia collaboration.

I came up with this idea when i visited DSP (Dave) a few weeks ago. I tought the studio would be a great and very dynamic place to photograph a multiplicity image. I brought this idea up to Dave and he thought it would be fun to try. We decided on positions on the fly and kinda shot from the hip on this one. playing with lighting as we went along. In total the Photostat took about 2 hours with lighting relocation outfit changes and multiple exposures. The longest part of this shot was the post production editing. The amount of masking in this image is insane but i think it was worth it in the end. Dave set up his NIKON and set it to self time interval. The camera took a photo every 4 seconds as we set up and shot. He Did his video production magic to...



/> Recently I photographed a real-estate agent. The photos were mainly head-shots for brochures and corporate flyers. One of the photos however was to be placed on a billboard. The photograph above is currently on display on HWY94 in St. Charles MO. It is just north of midrivers mall drive. If you drive by and see it let me know. I have not yet seen the billboard myself. I will try to get over there and get a picture of it to attach to this blog. Edit. I got a chance to look at the billboard. Looks pretty good if I should say so myself. Its located north bound hwy 94 just before central school rd. on the east (right) side of the road. If you get to see it. Post up and let me know.  


Photo session with Skylar

Skylar's Mom and Dad are friends of mine so I've photographed Skylar since she was an infant. As I arrived at their home Skylar was happy and giggling. Everything seemed just right for a 2 year old's photo session. Little did I know, Skyler was really not in the mood to model, for photographs. She wanted nothing to do with me or the small studio I  had set up. After 30 minutes of crying, pleading, blowing bubbles and chasing dogs (totally unrelated) we finally managed to snap a couple of pictures. Skyler realized we weren't going to give up so she decided to join us in the fun. She warmed up fast after the first few shots and we ended up getting some great photographs of her. I hope her family likes these shots as much as I do. Let me know what you guys think. I'd love to hear your...